This past week, on Wednesday, I updated our budget to find that I had $3 left in our grocery budget and a week until the next month commenced.  I rarely go over budget…but I kind of started this month out in the hole. 

Normally for our family of 6, we spend around $325/mo for groceries and eat well.  Earlier in the year, I was even able to meet a goal I had set of spending $100 less a month (just to see if I could do it).  However, at the end of last month, I realized that some staple items like flour and sugar were running low.  One of the stores had several of the items on at a rock bottom price.  I spent nearly $100 on July 30 and put it on this month’s budget, I knew that I’d probably go over and even told John that I was spending an extra $100 this month to restock the pantry.  Money isn’t really as much of an issue as principle is as we don’t live paycheck to paycheck.  Our nest egg was created for times like this when restocking the pantry is necessary or the car insurance is due.   I knew that we weren’t going to starve or be evicted if I spent more than I had allotted.  But it did bother me that I went over budget. 

I went over a couple of plans to figure out what I wanted to do.  Plan A was to use the $3 and buy a gallon of milk and hope that it would last for a week.  I think we could have easily gotten by with that and lived comfortably off of what we still have in our stockpile.  The problem with plan A is that there were quite a few grocery deals that I couldn’t pass up all in the name of restocking the pantry!  Items were at rock bottom prices.  So I devised plan B.  Plan B was to purchase milk and the rest of the groceries in separate transactions and try to keep my deficit at a minimum.  Very undemocratic like I lowered my projected debt ceiling to $50 and went ahead and purchased some of the best deals this week.  Our stockpile is somewhat suffering and needs rejuvenated.  Today is Sunday, 28 August.  I won’t be out shopping today as it is the Sabbath.  Roughly, I have 3 days left-a cap of $50 on my deficit, and $12.74 left until I’ve reached my limit.  I plan to buy a 10# bag of potatoes for $2.77 and roasts are on sale this week 1.99/lb.  I plan to purchase a 5# roast or a couple of small roasts to throw in the freezer.

Overall, I think plan B was a better option.  If our pantry weren’t so exhausted -I think I might have had to just get the milk and potatoes and see if  the #10 bag  can slide us back to homeplate–the 1st of the new month.  Moreover, I was able to replenish the pantry while spending only 1/2 the projected amount while meeting our basic cooking/eating needs.