I hate to see produce go bad.  I will go to great lengths to salvage produce that has started to go bad but is still mostly good.  I go to the river market weekly to get produce for the family.  Most often, I can find a much better deal than at the grocery store.  The downside is that sometimes, it needs to be eaten TODAY or TOMORROW but if you wait 3 days-you’ll have spoiled nastiness in the crisper.  So, I’ve taken upon myself the produce challenge.  Indeed-5 a day is a noble cause but not my cause.  But my personal challenge is to continue to buy produce in reasonable amounts but find ways to use it not letting any of it go to waste. 

I’ve done a variety of things to use the produce we have.  Today, I cut up a bunch a cherries for pies.  I paid $1 for 2-3 lbs.  I wish I would have cut them up yesterday but they were still good.  I plan to freeze them and it will be a super easy dessert in a pinch.  I’ve grated up zuchinni.  It freezes well and I can add some  to my meatballs to add fiber.  What have you done to preserve the produce?  I welcome your ideas so that I may meet the produce challenge.  I’ll post how it’s going after my next run to the market!