The magic box has been developed as an incentive to do extra chores around here.  We use chore charts for everyday chores!  But for chores above and beyond those listed, we have what is called the magic box as an incentive.  The box houses all kinds of things from the Target dollar bins or clearance, or yardsales.  On each of the chore charts, there is a space to put tally marks.  Things in the magic box “cost” 20 points.  I determine what merits a magic box point so that the kids can’t pick one thing up and say “do I get a magic box point?”  Most recently I’ve allowed each child to earn one daily.  If the child who is offered a chore doesn’t want to do it-another child can do the chore and add his/her point to their sum.  Once they reach 20 points, they are allowed to pick something from the box.  We’ve made it a rule that they are not required to share with the other kids.  This stemmed from Sam’s plan to not do anything and just play with the magic box toys of the other kids.  It has been a fun incentive to help get our kids helping us out!