Milk is a great drainer of the grocery budget these days.  I don’t know the price of milk in AZ right now  but when we lived there, it was almost always $1.77 somewhere on sale.  The lowest price I’ve found it here is ALDI for $2.91 (as of Wednesday last)–a little more than I’d like to pay for it.  Because we eat cereal every morning, it’s not something I can just stop buying.  However, cereal is all we use it for now.  Drinking a glass of milk is now a luxury.  With so many recipes calling for milk, we’ve starting calling for powdered milk.  It’s relatively inexpensive.  I can’t stand the taste-so I don’t ever drink it or use it in my cereal.  I usually buy a 4.4# box at Sam’s Club for around $11.00.  It seems to last forever-even when I’m using it like crazy.  I most commonly use it when a recipe calls for whole milk, evaporated milk, or butter milk.  

Here is how you can transform powdered milk into milk, evap milk, and butter milk.

Whole milk:

1/3 C instant powdered milk

1  C water

Sour milk/butter milk

same as above just add 1 T vinegar/lemon juice and let sit

Evaporated Milk

1 C water

2/3 C powdered milk

Mix together and use.

Biscuits, meatloaf, pies…for baking…… powdered milk works equally as well as milk.  It definitely fits the bill and lowers the bill!

PS  I googled powdered milk usage just for fun as I’m sure I’m not the sole powdered milk user on the internet.  This blogger has gone way above and beyond my usage of powdered milk.  I found this article very well written. I may have to attempt to make homemade ricotta cheese from powdered milk….hmmm… .