Last Sunday, while watching videos on and I was very impressed by a video about a 14 year old boy who started the “no cussing club.”  I’ve recently had a lot of thoughts about parenting and as I watched this, I was thinking about some changes I needed to make in my parenting to help my kids to grow up with convictions like this boy.  (for more info on the no cussing club-click here  One of the main things that has been weighing on my mind is ceasing to squander. 

I feel like we accomplish a great many things.  However,  having 4 children and NO TIME has more than once become an excuse for a great many things that are left undone, uncleaned etc.  The fact is, there are only 24 hours in a day.  The fact is-I am a squanderer of time.  One ALWAYS finds the time to do what is important to her/him. 

Sundays are particularly squanderful (is that a word?).  We have church at 1:00.  We spend the morning doing something…I’m not really sure I can account for what we do and suddenly, it’s time to be in the car on the way to church and “why aren’t we ready?”  That is deeply annoying!  So, in all of my thoughts I was prompted that we need to be not just squandering our day of rest (have I used that word alot?) and spending a day of no-no tv, no shopping, no playing with friends…but actually doing things that would contribute to truly having a sabbath day.

Last Sunday-the I read a story in the friend to Sam.  Lydia read her own story and I had them share with each what the story was about.  It was good!  Here’s to a renewed effort to keep the Sabbath Day holy!