While in AZ, I encountered the Home Depot kids workshop while searching for activities to do in the community.  I’ve since discovered that Lowe’s also participates in a similar program.  Here, every other Saturday @ Lowe’s and once a month at Home Depot, there is a kids workshop where the kids can build a project.  They provide a kit where all of the nail holes are pre-drilled making it easy enough for kids to be able to say “I built this!”  The first time you go, they will give you an apron.  Following completion of the project, you’ll receive either a pin or a badge that you can put on your apron to show what you’ve made.

Today, we built a school house picture holder and had a great time!  Check out the links for how you can register and find out information about kids workshops in a store near you.  You can also see what projects they are building on which dates.  What a wonderful and FREE kids learn to do basic things like hammer and build.  Did I mention that this is FREE?  Love it!