I’ve done garage sales, coupons, craigslist, the drugstore game–just about any money saving manuever known to mankind.  I was introduced to thriftstore shopping when I moved here.  I found a thrift store that I love.  Here is a link to their store. 


After Ben was born, I like to think that my body recognized the end of its child bearing years and shrunk back to the size I was before I had any children.  I ended up 4 sizes smaller after this last pregnancy. My clothes were literally falling off of me so I re-vamped my wardrobe in the thriftstore.  Baggy clothes are not exactly flattering.  So, I was very grateful to get some clothes that fit.  But, I was simply getting the basics.  I haven’t really been back for while. 

Today, I was reintroduced to thrift shopping by an old friend.  I’m not usually wowwed by things but I was thoroughly awed today in viewing her website–specifically her wardrobe founded in the thriftstore.  She has always dressed very classy…who would have guessed that many of her clothes and accessories come from the thrift store.  Check out this link:   http://www.thriftseeker.blogspot.com/  Thanks Nichole for sharing!  🙂

School starts on Tuesday.  I’ll only have 2 little ones at home.  Maybe I’ll have to take a little trip back to the thrift store to find what treasures are waiting!  🙂