We’ve done baby sign with all of our kids.  Baby signing allows babies to communicate before they can verbalize the words.  It has been shown to reduce tantruming because babies can get across what they need to and don’t need to throw a frustrated fit. My entire sign vocabulary really includes at best about 20 signs.  I learned a lot of what I know from a fun, music filled video called “signing time” http://www.signingtime.com/?gclid=CNWy3Zewx6oCFQUUKgodvFKWzw that we got from the library or from books.   

So, our baby just recently started signing back.  If for no other to sign to your kids-it’s adorable when they sign to you.  Now, I can definitely tell when he’s hungry or wants water.  So cute, and helpful.  If you’ve heard about baby sign and are considering it: put signing time on reserve @ the library.   Check out this website:  http://www.babysignlanguage.com/   I’m sure you’ll love it!