This activity of the day 5.  In making an effort to make the time with my kids more effective, I’ve been trying to do 1 real activity with them every day. 

Today we had a great family event for our activity!  John was post call!….usually les activitées are only counted if it isn’t just me taking the kids somewhere fun.  But, I think–although it wasn’t particularly creative, it took some planning and we had a great time.  This morning while John got some rest, we met some friends and went hiking in the Parkville sanctuary.  That is always so fun!  If you’ve never been there, I’d highly recommend going on a cooler day.  Here is a link of where it is.

We got home, let baby go to sleep, let mommy go to sleep for a brief nap and when everyone woke up we went to Tiffany Springs waterpark and used my groupon I bought a couple of months ago!  It was our last big hurrah before school!  Hurray for fun family activities and hurray for learning new things!  I hope you noticed that the é on activity is correct now!