Google voice is a great service that has a zillion features!  Google services are great and free.  This one too!  Some of the things I love most include texting and having both my home phone and cell ring at the same time, and that I can choose things like 2000BYU as my phone #, and customized messaging. 

Google voice allows you to choose your own phone #.  This acts as a central #.  You are allowed to connect as many #s to it that you’d like to and when someone dials your #, all the #’s you’ve connected to it ring.  It’s great-I never miss a call that I don’t want to.  I have my home and cell phone connected to my 2000BYU #.

You can text through google voice and at present that’s my texting.  I save all of $5/mo–but it’s $60/year right?  All text messages go to my e-mail and right now-I’m ok with that.   

Something I’ve never really played with is customizing messages.  You can set up your google voice mail to  say different things depending on who is calling.  For example, if John calls-my message could say “hi lovie, I’m changing a diaper” (or something) as opposed to the message my mom would get “hi mom-can’t get the phone) if I had her phone # connected.  Kind of fun!

Technology is cool!