Perhaps you’ve heard of magic jack–it’s a computer device that you can plug in and you can make it your home phone.  We paid $60 for 5 years of service.  I get unlimited long distance-a form of caller ID, call waiting, etc.  The price is really amazing and this is how I justify having our cell phone plan.  I don’t really like JUST having cell phones.  But, the land line is there for this purpose.

On the flip side-there are a few things I don’t really love about magic jack.  The computer HAS to be on to make it work.  There is a great box that pops up whenever you get a phone call.  This means if I’m working on a project and John makes a phone call, my project will be interrupted by the magic jack box–kind of annoying.  At first, we’d have weird echoing and occasionally my magic jack goes on strike against certain phone #’s but generally-I’m getting what I paid for and more.  It’s fine.

If I am having a problem with magic jack however, I could either use my cell phone, or if I’m sitting at the computer, I could use the gmail phone.  You need a microphone with an ear piece device for your computer (we found ours at the dollar tree) and all you do is log into your gmail account.  About half way down the column on the left is a call phone icon.  Click on it-after plugging in your device and you are set for free phone calls.  It works great for being @ the computer!  I think the number that comes up on the other end’s caller id is a CA #. 

It’s nice to have cheap communication options!