Here are the coupon policies of the grocery stores here in Kansas City.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me “how do you know who does what?”  One of the first things I did after moving here was call the grocery stores and ask.

“What do I ask?”  Here are some questions:  “Do you double coupons?”  “Do you offer a bag refund for using reusable bags?”  “Do you price match competitor’s prices?”  “Do you accept competitor coupons?”

Some of these other things, I’ve picked up along the way.  It is nice to know beforehand exactly what stores accept.  It is to the couponers benefit-and it helps any future couponers to abide by store policies.  I like to say that I like to “work your system” not “cheat your system.”

Coupon and other Policies in KC northland grocery stores

Henhouse-doubles up to .50 up to 2 like coupons.  If you have more than that you need to do multiple transactions.  They offer bag refund here. (.05 per recyclable bag used)

Hyvee on Barry doubles coupons (except on dairy products) on Thursday and has a 10% discount on Wednesday for seniors.  They also do bag refunds.  The Hyvee on Englewood offers a .05 off a gallon for any purchase.  Receipt is good for a month @ Englewood and for a week @ the Barry Road location.  Just make your purchase and then go to the Hyvee gas station next to it-fill up and you’ll have to take your Hyvee receipt to the inside cashier and you’ll get your .05/gal refund.  Hyvee on 64th does not do bag refund and does not participate in coupon doubling.  But they are in a great location and the back of their receipts often have a coupon for $3 off any purchase @ Hillcrest Thrift store.  Hyvee on Englewood-you can get .05 off per gallon gas with purchase.  Also, if the amount an item rings up for does not match the tag on the shelf–you will get it free.

Sunfresh doubles coupons up to .50 (except Prairieview road location that won’t double on sale items).  The prairieview road location supposedly donates 1% of purchases to various schools.  When you buy something there, put your receipt in the elementary school mailbox of your choice (or linecreek if you don’t have an elementary aged child) and they’ll donate 1% to that school.  The sunfresh on Antioch has a limit of 2 like coupons per transaction.

RedX-doubles without limit coupons up to .50 (their system is programmed to only double 2 so check your receipt or forewarn the cashier if you have more than 2 like coupons)

Price Chopper will not double coupons.  They advertise what is called the “lowest price guaranteed” and offer to price match if a competitor has a lower price.  However, the  PC on Vivion Road will price match only Hyvee and Sunfresh on anything that has the lowest price guaranteed.  I’m not sure what the other price chopper’s will match.  They will however, give you a bag refund (.05/bag) for every reusable bag you use.  Also for every $50 you spend @ one sitting you can get .05/gal gas purchased @ qt.

Walmart-will price match any ad in the area-must be identical items or both generic BC vs great value for example.  Will now matchup coupons from another store and accept catalinas from other stores as long as they are marked mfr coupon.  They will also give you the change if the coupon is over the amt of the product .  They will accept up to 40 q’s per transaction without manager approval.

Target-will price match any ad in the area-like walmart needs to have ad in hand and be an identical item.  You have to go to customer relations for price matching.  You can use both a mfr coupon and a target coupon for the same item making some great deals.  (This is called stacking!)