It was my birthday a few weeks ago.  I read the reviews about the restaurant “la cocina de mama” @ 6229 Brookside Boulevard on line after having a friend rave about how yummy it was.  So for my birthday, I thought John and I would go there and then go experience Gladstone’s theater in the park featuring:  Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Apparently Bella Napoli is a little Italian deli/grocery store and then they attached a restaurant to it.  The atmosphere is fun, the owner greeted us with a thick Italian accent .  We hadn’t made reservations so the wait was kind of long-before and after we got seated.  Perhaps, my taste differs from that of my friends but the carbonara John ate was very peppery–tasted like–oops the lid opened and spilled pepper into the dish.  My spinach salad was fair–nothing to write home about. 

Final Consensus:  It was ok but I prefer a much less expensive and tastier-bigger portions etc. Buca di beppo.

Thoroughly Modern Millie was untrue to the movie-don’t most people say that about movies not being true to the books?  The acting and the singing were well done.  It just had a whole lot more songs than the movie making the plot move slower than slow.  Would we do the Gladstone Theater @ the park again?  Probably.  It was good–I think both John and I were tired and all the songs got to us. 

Final consensus:  YAHOO- we got to go on a date!  Happy birthday to me! 🙂