We tried a few new recipes this week:


2 1/2-3 # beef chkn or pork roast

1 1/4 C meat juice

1 T veg shortening

1 C diced onions

1 can  (4 oz) green chilies (we used maybe 1/2 of one)

1 C salsa

1/4 t garlic powder

2 T flour

1/2 t salt

1/2 t cumin


Toppings:  tomato, lettuce, sour cream, guacomole, olives, etc.

Veg oil for frying
Cook meat in slow cooker and shred.  In pan melt shortening, add onions and chilies and saute until tender.  Stir in salsa, garlic powder, flour, salt, and cumin.  Cook 2 min over med heat.  Add bouillon and cook for additional 5 min or until thickened stirring constantly.  Lightly heat tortillas to make pliable and fill and wrap.  Place face down in hot veg oil for about 1 min on each side.  Top with fav toppings.

Consenus:  This was very good.  I made the mistake of trying to fry these in the fry daddy.  Stick to a pan with a small amount of shortening.

This was not on my week menu but my month menu (not featured here).  Tetrazini wasn’t sounding great so I substituted this in for it.

Creamy ranch chicken

6 slices bacon

4 chicken breasts

2 T flour

2 T dry ranch salad drsg mix

1 1/4 C whole milk

3 C dried noodles

1 T finely shredded parmesan cheese.

Cut bacon into narrow strips and cook until crisp.  Drain and discard all but 2 T of drippings.  Cut chicken breasts in bite size pieces.  Cook chicken in reserved drippings until tender and no longer pink.  Sprinkle flour and salad drsg mix over the chicken in skillet; stir well.  Stir in milk; cook and stir constantly until thickened and bubble.  Cook for 1 more minute stirring and stirring in bacon.  Cook noodles according to pkg.  Serve chicken with noodles.  Sprinkle with parmesan.

Consensus:  Everyone liked it!   I added peas just for extra veggies!  It was yummy!