Although I enjoy cooking, when it’s 5:00 pm (the witching hour) and I don’t know know what to cook-it’s not so fun.  I started organizing my menu about a year or two ago and it has helped…we still aren’t poor me-I don’t want to cook Proof but it has gotten better.  This is what I do.

Mondays-freezer meal or something with hamburger

Tuesdays-something Mexican


Thursday-comfort food…kind of my cream of chicken day

Friday-pizza–amazing how many different kinds there are

Saturday-stove top–super easy or eat out day

Sunday-we do pancakes before church every Sunday and ideally we would do crockpot so dinner would be ready when we got home.  Unfortuneately, this is still in the error stages.  Hopefully this week, I’ll move that to trial and error!