We’ve been getting a bit creative around here-trying to beat the heat.  Here are some of the things we’ve done:

We went on a photo scavenger.  It was a bit cooler one day.  We took our cameras and a list.  Here is our list.

1.       something that moves

2.       animal with more than 2 colors

3.       something you could drink if it didn’t have giarrdea in it

4.       something shiny

5.       something round

6.       something black

7.       something that smells good

8.       something useful

9.       something with 6 legs

10.   something that swims

11.   something that’s taller than John

12.   something that shouldn’t be on the ground

 13. a purple flower, 

14. a butterfly, 

15.  a bug, 

16.  a dog, 

17.  somebody running or jogging

Consensus:  It was really fun!  The kids loved it!  Taking pictures was a little old for most of the kids but Lydia enjoyed it.  A camera for Christmas?

Unbirthday party:

We invited a bunch of friends and asked them to bring a wrapped white elephant toy that they no longer play with.

We played a game with the presents–exchange with someone who has brown hair.  If you have blue eyes find someone with brown eyes…etc…

We also played a game of dress up relay.  The kids had to go and put on 2 dress up items come back and drop them off.  Time for the next child. 

Then we let all of the kids blow the candles out on the cake and play with balloons. 

Consensus:  Very low maintenance party.  The sample population was a little young so exchanging gifts multiple time didn’t go over well.  Over all-a splendid idea.