It seems that the summer often lends itself to a barage of complaints from the kids it either being too hot or most often “I’m bored.”  This summer I decided to make a box with ideas of things that the kids could do.  If their little creative genius can’t come up with something of their own, they can pick something from the bored box.  However, if what they pick is not to their liking (ie a chore), they are still required to do it because they couldn’t come up with something on their own.  Here are the ideas that I put in the bored box. 

Hike down by the creek

Walk on the trail

Cut out pics from explorations book and learn about them

Check out a bird book  and go bird watching

Check on the berries

Gather leaves and make fossils

Go letterboxing

Activity books

Mr. Potatohead

Little people

Make your own band


Do 15 jumping jacks

Sing a Micheal Jackson song

Read the friend

Paper boats


Library reading program

Make cookies


Read a book and create a play complete with lines written out

Make playdough

Make an obstacle course and create games that go along with it

Do an Olympics

Sing a primary song

Plan a menu of things you like for a week

Wash a load of laundry

Wash the wall in bathroom

Wash the wall in stairway

Paint toenails

Paint princess book

Make a self portrait

Different parts of animals and switch them

Make a book

Make the taj mahal out of blocks

Make up a dance and present it

Latchkit 10 minutes

Read a book and make up a puppet show

Do a math worksheet

Write “e” 45 times the right direction

Do extra sentence work

Memorize a scripture

Learn something about a president

Act out a scripture story

Plan a family home evening lesson

Work on family home evening book

Find out something about Joseph Smith and share it with everyone

Do a supervised experiment

Do a chore for a magic box point

Clean up the living room